Помогите пожалуйста с английским, буду очень вам признательна, за ранее огромное спасибо, тем кто не пройдёт мимо....

1. This is a pen. Those ….. books.

a) is b) am c) are d) be

2. I speak English. She ….. Japanese.

a) speaking b) do speak c) speaks d) are speaking

3. I’m sorry, I ….. understand.

a) no b) not c) doesn’t d) don’t

4. “ Where ….. now?”

a) lives he b) is he living c) he is living d) he living

5. Take your coat. It ….. rain.

a)is going to b) will c) is d) has

6. “ Where ….. yesterday?” “ I was at home.”

a) you were b) you was c) you d) were you

7. “ Where ….. yesterday?” “ I didn’t go anywhere.”

a) went you b) did you went c) did you do d) was you go

8. My French is very good. I speak French …..

a) good b) bad c) well d) badly

9. Richard ….. the tickets.

a) already bought b) has already buy c) has already bought d) buy

10. Richard ….. To a girl when I saw him.

a) talk b) talking c) will talk d) was talking

11. The man ….. came yesterday is very rich.

a) he b) who c) has d) when

12. John ….. since he left school.

a) was working b) woks c) has been working d) will be working

13. “ I’m a student.” He told me that ….. A student.

a) I am b) I was c) he was d) he is

14. I’m not as clever as you. You are ….. that I am.

a) clever as b) cleverer as c) clever that d) more clever

15. “ ….. Romeo and Juliet?” “ Yes. I saw it on Wednesday.”

a) Did you seen b) Have you seen c) Will you seen d) do you seen


Ответы и объяснения

5)C - не уверен.
13)b или c
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Лучший Ответ!
1 c
2 ç
3 d
4 b
5 a
6 d
7 c
8 a
9 c
10 d
11 b
12 c
13 c
14 d
15 вообще судя по ответу нужно задать вопрос did you see, но тут нет такого варианта
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