Пожалуйста составьте криминальную историю предложений 12-15 , не тупо в переводчике перевести , а что-бы грамматика соблюдена была . плиииз


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This crimilal story  happened  at night. It was 3 oclock and  two girls were going olong the dark street. Suddenly  appeared a young man and threatening with a knife robbed them. He stole their phones, money and gold. When a car was passing them in tits light the girls could examine the robber in details. So they called the police and described the  man. Besides one of the girls was a good painter and she drew a robber*s portrait. It was a problem  of time to find the robber.  Tree hours passed and a wounded young man came to the police department. He told that he became a victim of of a robbery of 6 homeless men. They  beat him and stole  3 phones, money. 2 women*s gold rings and a gold chain. Of course there were a lot of questions why he had women*s rings and 3 phones... But the victim kept silence. Then  a police  inspector entered the room and brought a portrait of a night robber. It was a real shock- the robber was sitting in front of him!!!!