Ответы и объяснения

1.Paul says that he will go to the post office
 The teacher says that they have to write a test
Ann says that she came back in two days
Bob says that his uncle will be in India next day
Jane says that she can't call
Barbara says if he has answered her question
Poll asks if I have gone to school

2.Paul said that went to the post office
The teacher said that they had to written a test
Ann said that she had come back in two days 
Bob said that his uncle has been in India next day
Jane said that she couldn't call
Barbara said if he had answered her question
Poll asked if I had gone to school

3. Анна встретила бездомного на улице
Питер был неисправимым мальчиком в классе
Грегори казался беззаботным человеком
Старые компьют. бесполезны
Моя батарея была разряжена