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1.What kind of book is the text taken from?
2.Have you read other books of that kind ?
what were your impressions?
3.Who are the main characters?
4.What is unusual about them ?
5.What do you think will happen in the part of the story you are about to read?

You are going to read a part of a story taken from the book /, Robot by Isaac Asimov. Robot Robbie is the nanny of a girl, Gloria. Huge Robbie and the little girl enjoy spending time together. They have a lot of things they like to do. Gloria invents funny and thrilling games that would not be as exciting without her friend, and Robbie likes listening to her amusing stories for hours. Even when Gloria tells him well-known fairy tales, it makes him feel delighted and he wants to listen to her stories again and again. He even agrees to be "a big silver air-coaster" for Gloria when she promises to tell him the story of Cinderella again. They have become very close friends and seem to understand each other very well. Gloria enjoys Robbie's company and the robot seems to be a very caring nanny for the girl.


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1) It is fantacy
2) Yes, My favourite  type of books is fantacy. And I have red many fantacy books
3) Mail haracters are Gloria and Robbie
4) I think , that they are very friendly and fun.I like , that they understand each other , also have very strong friendship
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