1) When you're in the army, you do what you're told.
2) I'm going to bed now. I be up very early.
3) You've got a terrible cought. You really stop smoking.
4) You havent met my boyfriend, have you?
No. You invite him round for a drink.
I'd love to meet him.
5) Tim doesnt want to go to school tomorrow.
He go!
6) I think you ______ get your halr cut.
7) ' _____ we _____ go to Jenny's party? Yes, we do!
8) My bf expects me to do his wasging for him.
I don't think you ______. Tell him to do it himself.
9) I'm going on a driving holiday in England.
Remember you _____ drive on the left!


Ответы и объяснения

1) Have to
2) have to
3) should
4) should
5) has to
6) should
7) Do we have to go...?
8) should
9) have to

Have to - обязанность (служебная, учебная, правило)
should - совет, но не обязательно его выполнять.