Give advise to these people. Use I think, should... or I don't think ... should...and a phrase:
eat so much caloe, go by bus instead, take them back to the shop, get married, feed her, go to the dentist.
1) Tony wants to drive to work, but he hasn't got his glasses.
2) My tooth hurts.
3) James and Amy are only 16, but they want to get married.
4) The baby's crying. I think she's hungry.
5) I'm so fat! My trousers don't fit me anymore!
6) There's a hole in my shoe. I only bought them last weekend.


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1i think He should to go by bus instestead
2I think you should go to the dentist
3I think they shouldnt get married
4I think you should to feed her
5I think you shouldnt eat so much caloe
6I think you should take them back to the shop