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Мой вопрос на русском-1-вый человек на Луне?
Ваш ответ на английском-Neil Armstrong(по русски это значит Нил Армстронг!)
Жду правильные ответы!Прошу ОТВЕТЬТЕ на все вопросы!!!:(((
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1. in 1775
2. Great Britain
3. the USA in 1783
4.they need strong government
5. in Philadelphia
6. Trunk is the people
Three branches - the Congress, President and his helpers, The Supreme Court
7. The Congress is the meeting of representatives from all states.
The congress consists of the Senate and the House of representatives
8.  two people from every state
9. yes, they do
the number of people depends on size of state
10. President and his helpers
11. the Vice President and members of the Cabinet
12. in November of every leap year
13. The Supreme Court
14. it consists of nine judges
15. as long as they live
16. yes, it can
17. amendments
18. there are 26 amendments in the US constitution 
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и я в 6!!!
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да уж...
у меня подруга в 7 классе учится,так вот она в 7 классе делала это задание по тексту!