Вставьте: have to play, do you have to do, has to be, has to run, do you have to run, don't have to go, have to be, have to watch, doesn't have to watch.
1) sometimes we two matches a week.
2) what to keep fit?
Well, at 10.00 on Monday mornings we start with a run.
3) How far ?
4) Well, actually, the captain further than anyone else!
5) Because he's the leader, he the best!
6) Wednesday is usually a free day, so I to the ground that day.
7) I what I eat very carefully - lots of carbohydrates, such as pasta.
Does your wife watch?
8) Yes, she does. She , but she says she enjoys it.


Ответы и объяснения

1. Have to play
2. Do you have to do
3. Do you have to run
4. Has to run
5. Has to be
6. Don't have to go
7. Have to watch
8. Doesn't have to watch