1. Present Simple или Present Progressive

a) They (watch) television very often.

b) Listen! Somebody (sing).

c) Tom (have) a shower at the moment.

d) Excuse me, (you/speak) English?

2. Past Simple или Present Perfect

a) My hair is clean. I (wash) it.

b) What time (you/ go) to bed last night?

c) Look! Somebody ( break) the window.

d) Kate loves traveling. She (visit) many countries.

3. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Past Perfect

1. When they ( finish) talking, they shook hands and went out.

2. Margaret was late for work. Her boss was very surprised. She ( be/late) never before.

3. The woman was a complete stranger to me. I never (see) her before.

4. Поставьте данные существительные во множественном числе.

fox- tooth- mouse-

dress- child- man-

tiger- boy- tomato-

5. Поставьте существительные в притяжательном падеже.

1. the job/ my brother

2. the eyes/ the cat

3. the camera/ Tom

4. the toys/ the children

6. Правильно употребите выражения частотности.

1.I wash my hair…..(дважды) a week.

2. He cleans his shoes…( один раз) a month.

3. She brushes her teeth more than (три раза) a day.

4. Anna combs her hair…( пять раз) a day.

7. Употребите правильно обороты there is / there are

1. Look! ------- a photo of George in the newspaper!

2. Dunford is a very modern town.--------many old buildings in it.

3.Excuse me,------ a restaurant near here?

4. How many students------in your class?



Ответы и объяснения

a) they watch...
b) somebody is listening...
c)is having...
d)do you speak.....?
a)i has washed it
b)what time went you...?
c)somebody has broken...
d)has visited...
3.when...had finished...
b)been late...
c)i had never seen her before
4.foxes- teeth- mouses-

dresses- children- men-

tigers- boys- tomatoes
a)-there is
b)there are
c)there is
d)there are