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It seems to me, if I were the director of teen's programme, its would be very interesting, because i have got many ideas for it. Firstly I will featuring ordinary teens who live in extraordinary homes that are designed with them in mind. Employing the signature 'Cribs' style and look, our cameras are spreading out around the country to bring viewers wonderfully pimped-out pads that are customized and tricked-out specifically by parents to keep their kids happy at home -- entertained, but also safe, sound, and accounted for. I think that we will talking about cribs with indoor treehouses, computerized libraries, full-court gymnasiums, even secret rooms - everything needed to satisfy any young person's interests and obsessions! I'll make this show very interesting for teens , you will see how the teens are turning their pads into the hottest spots in town ,how they benefit from making their homes so kid-centric. In conclusion I'd like to recommend this show for everyone who enjoy the benefits of life.