about, after, at, for, from, in, into, of, to
The climate 1______ the Atlantic Coast of the USA is good 2_______ different plants. You can find a great variety 3______ them, including 4______ some that grow well in Russia: snowdrops, forget-me-nots, pansies. An American writer Lenore E. Mulets was very fond 5______ nature and she wrote wonderful children's books about animals, birds and flowers. Her books were quite different 6_______ other children's books as they gave advice, for example, how to cultivate flowers, look 7_______ them. She illustrated her stories 8______ beautiful pictures.
The main hero 9______ her books Phyllis loved flowers, talked 10_____ them, took care 11______ them, could be angry 12_____ them, learnt their secrets and as a result flowers turned 13______ her real friends. Phyllis gathered flowers 14______ the river and 15_______ the field, and 16_______ home cultivated wonderful flowers 17_____ her garden. Flowers grew well 18_____ the rich brown soil.
All books 19______ animals and plants have one thing 20______ common: the authors love nature and take care of the flora and fauna of their countries.


Ответы и объяснения

1. Of
2. For
3. Of
4. -
5. Of
6. From
7. After
8, with
9. Of/in (оба варианта правильны)
10. About
11. Of
12. With
13. Into
14. At(хотя правильнее было бы сказать near)
15. In
16. At
17. In
18. In
19. In