Помогите написать тему про роботов на английском плюсы и минусы.
Заранее спасибо


Ответы и объяснения

1. 24.
2. Requires no salary.
3. You can kick if that.
4. Without problems is ready to perform boring and monotonous work.
5. Ready to perform any operations within their functional vozmozhnostei.
6. Does quickly.
7. Makes high quality.
8. Does exactly.
9. Physically strong and hardy.
10. Does not require a hospital.
1. Not demanding wage actively consumes energy.
2. With him not to make conversation.
3. To smoke with him youre not work.
4. To drink even more.
5. If that "till payday" borrow will not.
6. Stupid machine that can only run the specified program.
7. In addition to the abuse of power and service with consumables requires.
8. If broken, the owner will sit gozenko on babosy.
9. For training requires the programmer who is able to specify the algorithm of actions.
10. If you get in a zone of its action, you can get into the optical drive on the head, eat something else, but he Nevermind.
надо темой
My own robot (Мой собственный робот )