Complete the sentences.Use the Past Simple and the Present Perfect.
1.a)He ______ lost of photos of different places.Now he can take part in the photo exhibition.(take)
b)Yesterday,he went sightseeing and _______ lost of photos.(take)
2.a)________ you____________ the novel yet? Is the worth reading.(read)
b)When __________you____________the book?-Last summer.(read)
3.a)_______you_________ to the new park?-Not yet?(be)
b) I__________theere 3 months ago.(be)
4.a)She_________her classmates to her birthday party.There will be lost of guests,won't theere?(invite)
b)Julia________her friends to the park yesterday.They had a picnic.(invite)


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1.a) He has taken lots of photos of different places. Now he can take part in the photo exhibition.
 b) Yesterday he went sightseeing and took lots of photos.
2. a) Have you read the novel yet? Is it worth reading?
b) When did you read the book? - Last summer.
3. a) Have you been to the new park? - Not yet?
b) I was there 3 months ago.
4. a) She has invited her classmates to her birthday party. There will be lots of guests, won't there?
b) Julia invited her friends to the park yesterday. They had a picnic.

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