Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Simple, Present Continuous или Future Simple.

1_It (to be) cold in autumn. It often (to rain). A cold wind often (to
blow). 2. The weather (to be) fine today. It (to be) warm, the sun (to shine)
brightly. A soft wind (to blow). Small white clouds (to sail) in the sky. 3.
Don't go out: it (to rain) heavily now. 4. Take your raincoat with you. I am
afraid it (to rain) in the evening and you (to get) wet. 5. Every spring birds
(to come) to our garden and (to sing) in the trees.

Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Perfect, Past Simple.

1. They (to go) to the Hermitage last week. 2. They (to be) to the
Hermitage twice this week. 3. After school yesterday he (to come) home, (to
have) dinner, (to read) an article from the latest magazine and (to begin)
doing his homework. 4. When your friend (to return) from the south? — She (to
return) yesterday. — You (to go) to the station to meet her? — No, I..., I (to
be) too busy. 5. I (to see) this film this week. I like it very much.


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1. is...rains. 2..is...is..is shining...is blowing...are sailing. 3. is raining...4. will rain...will get  5. come...sing

2. 1. were 2. have been 3. came, had, read, began. 4.did your friend return   returned  did you go?  no, I didn't. I was too... 5. saw
1. is, rains, blows 
2. is, is, is shining, is blowing, is sailing 
3. is raining
4. will rain, will get wet 
5. come, sing

1. went
2. have been
3. came, had, read, began 
4. when did your friend return from the south? she returned yesterday. Did you go to the station to meet her? No, I didn't. I was too busy. 
5. have seen