What do you think about studying and working abroad? write a composition presenting arguments for and against ПОМОГИТЕ КТО ПОНИМАЕТ В АНГЛИЙСКОМ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА МНЕ ОЧЕНЬ НАДО ОТ ЭТОГО СОЧИНЕНИЯ БУДЕТ ЗАВИСИТЬ МОЯ ОЦЕНКА В ЧЕТВЕРТИ.

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      The first point to be made, is that our education is good enough. We can say, that we get a lot of useful and interesting information during studying at school in Russia. But also, we can say, that it is better to graduate from the foreign institute. It's obviously, that you can meet a lot of native speakers, if you are working with languages, and it's also useful. Also, as for my mind, the main advantage, is that you get an international diploma, after graduating from the foreign institute, and you can find job almost everywhere. In my opinion, the main disadvantage, is that it is very difficult, to study abroad. And also, we can say, that we have a lot of good institutes in Russia.
      The next point to be made, is about working abroad. We should say, that there are a lot of places, where you can find job. But, if you want to find a good job, you should be an experienced specialist. If it is so, you would be able to find a job and get a nice salary. In general, I'm agree, that working abroad, is better. You can meet a lot of interesting people, and visit a lot of new and interesting places, and also, you can find job almost in every country, with your foreign diploma. The main disadvantage is that it is difficult to get job. As the rule, the native people have more experience, and it is easer for them, to find job. If you want to working abroad, you should prove, that you can do your job well.
       In conclusion, I want to say, that this is a controverstial question, if it is better to study and work abroad, This points have both advantages, and disadvantages. And also each can have his own point of view about this problem.
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Можешь там, где "In general, I'm agree, that working abroad, is better. " сделать абзац. Думаю это в общем - то возможно.
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