Помогите плиз ! Кто поможет тому 35 б.)

Представим я англичанка,я приехала в Украину и пишу письмо в Англию (описую Украину)

(10 предложений).!....На английском


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Dear all,
I have visited this interesting and misterious country at last! And I'm really happy to tell you now that all the rumours about problems inside the counry are only rumours and nothing else. Smiling kind people try to help you everywhere. The sun shines brightly and the weather is very warm and comfortable (inspite of our native one). When I came out of the airport in Kiev, I understood that found myself in the quite - European country. Me and my boyfriend Harry enjoyed lots of sightseeing. We ate traditional Ukrainian Borsch with Gorilka and trickled pastries. After that we visited several exhibitions and museums and were really tired but happy! We have even made friends with nice young couple of Ukrainian students and invited them at our place in London. We will surely come back here again, because this country is to be visited over and over again!