Текст на английском про город Уссурийск(любой город)50 лет назад


Ответы и объяснения

Вот:Ussuriisk is unique that was under construction by the master plan developed in the government of the Russian Empire, and therefore is unusual to Primorye. It is the city which absorbed imperial culture and has taken many good and positive from the Soviet power.

There, where today there is Ussuriisk, in 1866 there arrived immigrants from the central regions of Russia and founded Nikolskoye's village. For the first time this mudflow it is mentioned in 1866. The successful geographical position on crossing of trade ways promoted rapid growth of the village. Construction of the railroad accelerated process, and in 1898 the Emperor Nikolay II deigned to enjoin to transform Nikolskoye to the city Nikolsk-Ussuriysky which will bear already later the name Ussuriisk. The city unique on the history and architecture. The earth of Ussuriisk stores remains not only the last millennia, but there are a lot of remains of ancient Bohai culture.

From sights it is obligatory to look at the well-known turtle that remained from bokhayets. The stone turtle who today is in city park, was made at the beginning of the XIII century. Historians consider that it decorated a grave of very notable soldier from an imperial dynasty of the Gold empire dzhurdzheny. Touch it and make wish. Residents of Ussuriysk tell these desires come true.

It is obligatory to walk on the old city and to experience love to former Russia in the city. Unlike Vladivostok the city was built by the Russian merchants. There is a Green Island park which was broken at the beginning of the XX century.