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Love - is one of the senses, which is given to a person come to know in life. You can say that it makes a person feel kinder, cleaner, more perfect.
The theme of love - one of the leading themes of world literature from ancient times until today. Many lovers became the personification of that feeling. It is worth remembering Leila and Majnun, the Chevalier des Grieux and Manon Lescaut, a lady with a dog, and Gurov, and many many others. It is difficult to think of anything to write the famous poets and writers, what would be inspired by the great composers and artists, not for the light of love.
The ancients believed the love gift of the gods. This feeling, in their view, zoom to the mortal inhabitants of heaven. In the Middle Ages, formed a cult of love. Knights devoted his entire life to serving the beautiful lady, and were happy. Since then the word came to be called a knight of all, who is with reverence and admiration belongs to a woman.
About the place occupied by the love in the lives of our ancestors, we can tell, in particular on the works of Russian classics. And one of the. reasons best known to the whole of Russian history was a duel is passionate love, faced with a burning zeal.
Love has many faces. This love-friendship, love, cooperation, love, passion, love, tragedy, and others. In love there is not only happiness, joy, mutual understanding, enjoyment, and deceit, jealousy, fear, pain. We can say that, given the spiritual manifestation of love other people speak more clearly, clearly, is convex. Thus a person calibrated with love.
Saying "I love you" means to say "you're never going to die," - said once the great French writer Albert Camus. A loving imprints in your heart the image of a loved one, that makes immortal, immortal as the sun, earth, wind, and the only immortality is possible in our imperfect world.
Love, as has been said, do not bargain, as a gift. And all sorts of unexpected and enjoyable gift to cherish this feeling. After all, they say that true love is given to man once in my life, and it is far from the truth.
We know that love is implemented entirely in the sphere of interpersonal communication. Therefore it is necessary to re-learn how to talk, think, breathe. In this work, and many see the hardships of love, especially when love is crowned with legal marriage. It is important not to lose their individuality, their own point of view of the surrounding world and to love itself, in particular.
"You're my one,
Like the moon in the night,
As if in a year, spring,
Like the steppe pine.
No other such
Not for any river,
There is a mist,
Distant countries "
These lines were written by the famous bard Yuri Vizbora. They can be regarded as a kind of modern art and the result of everyday experience. Today, love is unlikely to change much: the feeling still inspires people to new beginnings, accomplishments, feats. And the one who carried this wonderful feeling of a lifetime, can confidently say, "I
lived not in vain. "