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Probably nowhere in the world has such great attractions clusters , as in Italy . The country is literally littered with masterpieces , and there is nothing surprising in the fact that it is from Italy, Russia drew its architectural inspiration and that Italian architects have played such a huge role in determining the shape of our capital. If anyone may have doubts on this score , take a trip to Italy and see for yourself .
Overtake Italy in one sitting , of course, impossible, and it is not necessary. However, if you go there every year , visiting one city over the summer , and so on all other European cities , can easily run out of a lifetime. So I had to make a deal with his own desires and take a combined tour : ekskursionki week , part of Italy ( although it was called " The whole of Italy "), followed by rest of the sea. Natalie chose the tour is not accidental. It was the only travel company that offered a direct flight from Novosibirsk to Rimini . However, as it turned out , it was a hoax , perhaps not conscious . But shortly before the trip we " pleased " that will have to fly through Moscow. And although it's been called transit , it was a transplant when it is necessary first to get the luggage and then re- register with the Domodedovo. And we fly , as it turned out not to Rimini and Bologna . Plane , as always detained , and we were at the reception at the Domodedovo airport shortly before sending the flight to Italy. Almost running ( we skipped the queue ) with a long delay , we broke into the plane , listening to flight attendants during the discontent , as if we were hanging out somewhere special to keep a respectable time passengers take to the skies .
And here we are in Italy. A huge crowd of Russian tourists has been gradually dismantled by buses and attached to the respective guides . We were more fortunate of all . I'm just sure of it . Group was exceptionally intelligent . Russian tourists are numerous tales about our fellow citizens who do not know how to behave , we did not have to any relationship . I generally tend to assume that we slander slander . Russian tourists are very inquisitive , open, non-greedy . Perhaps the whole thing in the nature of the trip, sightseeing tours may select the appropriate type of people do not know. Of all my travels I was angry at once compatriots in China, the more I rednecks Russian abroad come across. The Germans - yes, a severe case .
Our guide was Olga , terrific storyteller, a connoisseur of Italy, an amazing woman , able to hold the attention for long hours , which could listen indefinitely. All buses from the airport went on a pre -planned route in Rimini , where, after a short rest, resettlement and tourists upcoming trip to San Marino . This applies to all , but not us . Olga we announced that in Rimini was not found for all areas and our bus goes in the opposite direction . First and last night of this tourist week we would have to spend in the mountains, in a picturesque place near Urbino. I was happy . This city was in my plans to visit, but I was not sure whether I shall be going on this trip . And the destiny of Urbino gave my hands . Moreover, Olga invited to call in Bologna, which was not included in the program of excursions. Indeed , it's silly to fly to Bologna and drive past . And while the rest of the buses raced towards Rimini, we drove to the capital of Emilia - Romagna .