Нам дали контрольную по английскому помогите ПОЖАЛУЙСТА!!! всего 3 задания.

1.Put in is, are, was, were,
a) there any baby crocodiles in the Zoo last year? Yes, there five.
b) How many seasons there in a year?
c) What there in your hand? It's a big carrot.
d) There no stadiums in London a long time ago.
e) There no show last winter

2, Choose WAS or WERE.
a) I ... not at home.
b) You ... not right.
c) The mountains ... beautiful.
d) The film ... interesting.
e) The boys ... big and strong.
f) The winter ... cold and showy.
g) There ... many people in the street.

3. Answer the questions.
a) Was your dinner tasty yesterday?
b) Was it Sunday yesterday?
c) Who do you look like?
d) What did you do yesterday at 8 p.m.?
e) When did you come to school today?

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1) were; were
2) are
3) is
4) were
5) was

1) was
2) were
3) were
4) was
5) were
6) was
7) were

1) yes, it was
2) no, it wasn't
3) i look like my mother
4) i did my homework
5) i came to school at 8.30