Помогите пожалуйста, заранее спасибо.
1. Choose the correct item.
1. Either Helen or Jane __invited to the party.
a) was b) were c) has
2. Mr. Smith offers ___ the letters tomorrow.
a) send b) to send c) sent
3. Open neither the window ___ the door.
a) and b) or c) nor
4. Mrs.Hill asks her husband __ use the computer.
a) don’t b) not c) not to
5. I wonder why ____at home now.
a) she b) she is c) is she
6. The teacher asks why ___the book.
a) they like b) did they like c) do they like
7. ___of them saw Peter the other day?
a) Who b) Which c) What
8. Neither Mary nor her sisters ____fish.
a) never eat b) don’t eat c) eat
9. Who__ the film the other day?
a) did see b) has seen c) saw
10. Bob wondered _____ her the next day.
a) if he would meet b) will he meet c) would he meet
2. Correct the mistakes. Example: Ted asks are they from Africa. Ted asks if
they are from Africa.

1. Neither Betty nor Susan met nobody there.
2. Why is Mr. White look so angry? What has happened?
3. I have never been to London. – So have I.
4. He said that he will visit his grandparents the next day.


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