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Large ( Great) Fire of London (English Great Fire of London) lasted for four days , from 2 to 5 September 1666 .
The fire threatened aristocratic district of Westminster (the modern West End ) , Whitehall Palace and most of the suburban slums , but he could not achieve these districts . When the fire burned 13,500 houses , 87 parish churches (even St. Paul's Cathedral ) , most government buildings were destroyed 80 % of the city . It is believed that the fire was deprived of shelter 70,000 people , the then population of central London in 80 000 . Do not know exactly how many people died in a fire , there is information only about a few casualties , but many of the victims were not recorded. In addition , the fire could cremate many leaving unrecognizable remains.
The fire started in a bakery on the street Thomas Farrinera Pudding Lane (English) . Caught fire just after midnight on Sunday, September 2. The fire spread rapidly through the city to the west. Firefighters at the time, as a rule, used the method of destruction of buildings around the fire to the fire did not spread . It did not only because the Lord Mayor , Mr. Thomas Bladvort , was not sure about the need for such measures. By the time he ordered the destruction of the building, it was too late . Some people believed that arson committed by foreigners , presumably Dutch or French. Both countries were enemies of England during the Second Anglo-Dutch War , which lasted while .
On Monday, the fire continued to spread north to central London . On Tuesday, the fire spread to most of the city , destroying St. Paul's Cathedral , and moved to the opposite bank of the river Fleet . Attempt to extinguish the fire is believed to have been successful because the verse wind , and the garrison of the Tower using gunpowder managed to create fire breaks between buildings to prevent further spread eastward.
Social and economic problems that have arisen as a result of the disaster , were very large. Charles II called the fire victims to leave London and settle elsewhere. He feared