Pete jimp be an 11-year-old boy.He live in Kirov with his parents.Pete goes at shool five days a week.He gets to shool on bus.On the way to shool he is meeting his friends.His favourite subjects is Match and PE.My freind have two hoddies: football and rollerblading .After shool he take guitar classes.Pete comes home in 4p.m.He makes his homework and has dinner.After that he watch TV.Pete goes in bed at half past nine. В каждом предложение по одной ошибке найдите и исправте их .Пожалуйсто очень надо!!!!!!!!!!


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   Pete jimp  IS  an 11-year-old  boy.He liveS in Kirov  with his parents.Pete goes  TO shool  five days a week.He gets to shool BY bus.On the way  to shool  he MEETS  his  friends.His favourite subjects ARE Math and PE.My freind HAS two hobbies: football  and  rollerblading .After shool he takeS guitar classes.Pete comes home AT 4p.m.He DOES his homework  and has dinner.After that  he watchES TV.Pete goes TO in bed at half  past nine.
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Be-is live-lives on-by is meeting-meets is-are have-has take-takes in-at watch-watches in-to