Помогите как английский текст читается на русском....срочно надо!!!
Canada is one of the largest countries in the world and a popular English-speaking country for tourists. Every year millions of tourists visit it with different reasons. Some want to study English there, some to visit their friends or relatives, but the majority arrives to discover numerous Canadian attractions. The country is full of sights indeed. There are architectural, natural, cultural, historic and other types of sights. One of the most interesting places in Canada is its capital - Ottawa. The main sights of the city are the Parliament, where even ordinary people are welcome, the Tower of Peace with 53 bells, picturesque quarters around the Market Hall Bayvord, Rideau Canal, which turns into the longest ice-rink in the world in winter, Canadian Museum of Nature and numerous other sights. Toronto is another tourist attraction. It’s the largest Canadian city and also the main cultural and trade center of English-speaking part of the country. The city is a huge megalopolis with lots of skyscrapers and office buildings. At the same time Toronto is a quite green city, full of trees, bushes and flowers. The main sights of the city is the entertainment complex at the Ontario square, Hyde Park and Queen Elizabeth’s Park, Islands Park on Lake Ontario, golden tower of the Royal Bank Plaza, Roy Thomson Concert Hall, a symbol of the city - 553-meter “CN Tower”, the famous shopping mall Eaton Center and many others. Speaking about Canadian sights it’s important to mention the Agawa canyon area, and of course, the famous Niagara Falls.


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Канада - одна из наибольших стран в мире и популярная англоговорящая страна для туристов.Каждый год миллионы туристов посещают ее с разными целями.Некоторые хотят изучать там английский, некоторые посещают своих друзей или родственников, но большинство приезжает, чтобы увидеть многочисленные Канадские достопримечательности.Страна полна достопримечательностей.Там есть архитектурные,природные, исторические и другие виды достопримечательностей.Одно из самых интересных мест в канаде - ее столица Оттава.
Я только немного начала, так как дальше могу не успеть)
Мне надо как оно читается,а не перевод текста!