Мини сочинение по английскому языку на тему мой любимый певец/певица.


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Music...we can't live without it. A person who doesn't listen to music is not a human being... Music is everywhere and I'm sure that every person has his or her favourite one. As for me, I listen to different types of music. It depends on the situation and on my mood. And of course I have some singers that I like more than the others. I'd like to tell you about my favourite singer. Actually, he is not only a singer but a musician and a songwriter as well. His real name is Michael Bolotin, but we all know him as Michael Bolton. If you ask me why he is my favourite, the answer will be...because I simply adore his songs. I can listen to them anytime and in any mood. His lyrics touch the bottom of my soul. Bolton is known for his pop rock ballads but he has also performed in the heavy metal genre. He has won different awards many times and his songs are well known all over the world. To sum up I'd like to say that you may have many favourite singers and sometimes it is difficult to say who is really the most favourite.