1.We___to France last summer. (went,go,was going)
2.I always ___ toast for breakfast. (have,has,having)
3.___ your brother play the guitar? (is,do,does)
4.My mum doesn`t like___to work.(go,going, to go)
5.They ___TV at the moment. (watch,are watching,watchs)
6.I__to Rome (was never,am never been,have never been)
7.What___tomorrow afternoon? (are you going to do,do you do,are you going)
8.We__ to Rome and then drove to Florence. (has flown, flied,flew)
9.She__ to school today because she`s ill (didn`t go, doesn`t go,didn`t went)
10.I__ at the moment because I`m on holiday (I`m not studying,not study )
11.Have you ever __ Japanese food? (ate,eaten,eat)
12.They ___pizza.They had pasta. (don`t have,didn`t have,didn`t had)
13.Who___your favourite actors? (is,are,was)
14.How often ___to the cinema? (go you,do you go,you do go)
15.They__early on Sundays. (haven`t get up,aren`t getting up,don`t get up)
16.This is __ interesting book.Have you read it? (a,an,the)
17.The children played__in the garden. (happy,appiness)
18.__there any biscuits?(is,are,was)
19.Paul left work an hour__(since,ago,last)
20.How__chocolate do you eat? (many,a lot of,much)
21.This is ___ film I`ve ever seen. (the most best ,the best,better)
22.I`m younger___my sister. (that,more,than)


Ответы и объяснения

4.можно и going и to go
5.are watching
6.have never been
7.are you going to do
9.doesn`t go
10.I`m not studying 
12.didn`t have
14.Do you go