Срочно надо...
Выберите правильный вариант.

1. I must ... this work today.

a) make, b) do, c) be making, d) be doing.

2. How ... times did you call me?

a) much, b) many, c) little, d) few.

3. It's quiet today, ... no wind.

a) it is, b) there is, c) it was, d) there was.

4. This test is ... difficult for me to do.

a) too, b) enough, c) even, d) still.

5. Shall I give you ... more tea?

a) some, b) any, c) no, d) much.

6. He was ... injured in the accident.

a) bad, b) badly, c) very, d) strongly.

7.What did he ... ?

a) speak, b) talk, c) say, d) tell.

8. Do you remember when you went to the theatre ... ?

a) last, b) last time, c) at last, d) for the last time.

9. Mary doesn't leam Spanish, ... ?

a) does it, b) doesn't it, c) doesn't she, d) does she.

10. Can you tell me what time ... ?

a) is it, b) it is, c) is there, d) there is.

11. The more you do now, the ... will be left for tomorrow.

a) more, b)-much, c) less, d) little.

12. Why ... I ask anybody for help, I can do it myself.

a) can, b) could, c) have, d) should.

13. By the end of the next week they ... all the exams.

a) have passed, b) had passed, c) will have passed, d) will pass.

14. Everybody ... the film is interesting.

a) say, b) says, c) said, d) have said.

15. We were sorry we ... the bus.

a) miss, b) missed, c) have missed, d) had missed.

16. We have not decided yet when we ... into the new flat.

a) move, b) moved, c) shall move, d) would move.

17. Ted suggested ... the party at his place.

a) holding, b) to hold, c) having held, d) being held.

18. There are heavy clouds in the sky, it ... to rain soon.

a) is unlikely, b) is sure, c) is possible, d) seems.

19. All the books ... .

a) have sold, b) sold, c) have been sold, d) had been.

20. I'd like him ... a success.

a) to be, b) to have been, c) being, d) will be.


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