Put do or does.The Dillons …n’t live at 45 Green Street.…She come home late?We … n’t do homework every evening.…. They get up early?…my brother visit our grandmother every Sunday?He … n’t know these rules. My parents … n’t work at this plant.The girl …n’t play the piano.Our friends … n’t like reading.These boys … n”t play football.


Ответы и объяснения

The Dillons don’t live at 45 Green Street
Does she come home late?
We don’t   do homework every evening
Do they get up early?
Does my brother visit our grandmother every Sunday?
He doesn’t know these rules.
 My parents don’t work at this plant.
The girl doesn’t play the piano.
Our friends don’t like reading.
These boys don't play football. 

Всё просто: когда подлежащее во множественном числе (например: they, we, friends, boys, parents) и после местоимения I  ставим DO/DON'T

Если же в единственном (например: she, he, girl, boy, brother)  ставим DOES/DOESN'T