Say how you help your mother. (как ты помогаешь своей маме)

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I help my mom wash posudu. ochen often I clean the house to make it piyatno. often when my mom comes home from work tired cook it to eat. go supermarket shopping. I love my mother planted flowers and plants. I help my mom to do everything, everything. my mother and I love to vobodnoe time together printed Perugia. and then with my dad to eat them, so I spend my evenings. cleaning his two other rooms I clean always to help mom
I do my home work.wash my dog and walk with he.
Cook very tasty food.go to the shop. I by there the tea,milk,bred and sweets.After the shop I wash the floor. Lie on the table. Do cups of tea and coffee.we like to drink coffee. I like to help my mother very much! And after this my mother adore me.