Если не сложно, помоги!!!!! Кратко об колизее на английском! 20 предложений.

Можно и не 20 предложений, главное чтобы грамотно написано было

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Colosseum (from Lat. Colosseus - huge, huge) or the Flavian Amphitheatre (Latin: Amphitheatrum Flavium) - an amphitheater, an architectural monument of ancient Rome's most famous and one of the most spectacular buildings of the ancient world that have survived to our time. [1] Located in Rome, in a hollow between the Esquiline, Palatine and Tselievskim hills. Construction of the largest amphitheater of the ancient world just was conducted over eight years, as a collective construction of the Flavian emperors: began to build in 72 AD under the emperor Vespasian, and in 80 BC, the amphitheater was consecrated by the Emperor Titus. The amphitheater is located in the place where there was a pond, is of gold home of Nero.