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1) what people usually borrow2) how teachers and parents encourage small children3) what can be private4) why your holiday often depends on hotel and bus (train) service5) where you can usually see crowds pf people in summer and in other seasons6) when people usually retire from work7) what were the most important politicak events in our country last year8) how people can show their wisdom9)which characters of your faxourite books spent their childhood in poverty10) what people usually do to open a door


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1, Usually people borrow each other's learning experience in any field. (Обычно люди заимствуют друг у друга опыт познания в какой-либо области.)
2, Parents and teachers encourage children usually a kind word and small gifts.(Родители и учителя поощряют детей обычно ласковым словом и маленькими подарками)
3. Private may be flat, and dance, and handbag , and the trip. (Частным может быть и квартира, и танец, и сумочка , и поездка)
4, From the level of service depends our event, including the selection of hotels and machines. -От уровня обслуживания всегда зависит наше мероприятие, в том числе  выбор гостиницы и машины.

5, This usually recreation areas, public places (cafes, museums) and all kinds of festive events = Обычно это зоны отдыха, публичные места (кафе, музеи) и всякие праздничные мероприятия