Mary Quant was born in
1934. When she was young,
there were no teenage
fashions. Young women were
dressed like grown-ups or
little girls. At thirteen, she
designed her own school
uniform. She wore short
dresses and long socks. After
school, Mary went to
Goldsmith's College in
London}, She didn't enter
the College but she met her
future husband, Alexander
Plunkett-Green. Like Mary he
wore unusual clothes, such
as purple velvet trousers and
pajamas jackets.
Mary Quant opened Bazaar
in 1955 on the King’s Road,
one of the first London
boutiques. It became the
social centre for the so-
called Chelsea Set, a
bohemian crowd of trend-
setters, writers and artists. It
was called Bazaar. Mary
designed all the clothes and
made them on her old
sewing machine.
The 1960s are often called
the "Swinging Sixties".
During these years Mary's
designs became very
popular. Everyone loved her
mini-skirts and coloured
tights. Thanks to Mary,
London became the fashion
capital of the world.
Mary's fashion shows
differed a lot from what
they had been before.
Mary's models didn't walk —
they danced to pop music.
Soon Mary's clothes became
popular in America too.
In 1966, Mary was awarded
the O.B.E. (a special medal
given by the Queen).
Later on Mary started her
own cosmetics company. She
designed smart black, white
and silver packagings for it,
with the Quant daisy symbol
that is still the same today.
Today, Mary's business is
worth 100 million pounds.
She is still designing — not
just clothes, but also a
perfume called "Havoc" and
some other things.
She has now opened the
Mary Quant Colour Shop in
London's Carnaby Street.
1)When Mary was thirteen:
a)she dreessed like alittle girl.
b)she designed her school uniform.
c)she dressed like a grown-up.
2)after school,Mary went london.There she:
a)entered Goldsmith College.
b)wore unusual clotuers,such as purple velvet thousers.
c)met her future husband.


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