Jane and her mother lived in a small house. Every day her mother cleaned the rooms, did the washing up, cooked, fed the pets, and watered the trees and the flowers in the garden. But Jane didn't help her. She did not like to work. She was lazy.One morning the girl's mother said, "Today is Sunday. 1 want to make an apple pie."Jane said, "That sounds good."Then the girl's mother said, "Do you want to help me? Go to the garden and bring back some apples for our apple pie, please."Jane said, "Not I. 1 don't want to."The mother went to the green garden and brought back some apples for the apple pie. Then she said, "Jane, do you want to help me? Go to the shop and buy some sugar for the apple pie, please. "But the girl said, "Not I. 1 don't want to." So the mother went to the shop and bought some sugar for the apple pie.When the apple pie was ready (был готов), the mother said, "The apple pie is very good! Do you want to help me, Jane." Jane said, "...!"



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Женя и ее мама живут в маленьком доме. Каждый день ее мама убирает комнаты, моет посуду,готовит, кормит питомцев, поливает деревья и цветы в саду. Но Женя не помогает ей. Она не любит работать. Она ленивая..