There are things are famous in some countries or all over the world.Pair work.How long have people been using these things?Exchange information.Pupil1:Since what time have British people been drinking tea.Pupil2:British people have been drinking tea since the 1500s Questions: 1)People/drink instant cofee 2)Children/eat Cadbury`s chocolate 3)people/visit Mcdonalds restaurants 4)British people/buy food from 5)Chinese takeaways Answers:1)Instant coffee was invented during the Second World War 2)The first Cadbury`s chocolate bar was sold in 1831 3)Mcdonalds restaurant was opened in 1947 in California. 4)Chinese takeaways became very popular in Britain in 1974.Сделайте пожалуйста заранее спасибо


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1) HOw lOng have people been drinking instant cofee? - People have been drinking instant coffee since the Second World War.

2) How long haVe children been eating Cadbury`s chocolate?Children have been eating Cadbury`s chocolate since 1831.

3) How long have people been visiting Mcdonalds restaurants? - People have  been visiting Mcdonalds restaurants since 1947.

4) How long have British people been buying food from Chinese takeaways? - British people have been buying food from Chinese takeaways since 1974.