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1) He said "stop the car "2)She said to him "come at 5 o'clock"3)She said to me "open the window , please"4)I said to her "Please , bring me a gless of water"5)The commander said "take the prisoner away"6)He said to me "don't go there"7)Num told me "clear your room"8)The said "don't run in the corridor"9)the teacher said to the students "Do all the homework in time"10)The instructor says "don't turn oh this road"


Ответы и объяснения

He said to stop the car
she said to him to come at 5
she said to me to open the window
i said to her to bring me a glass of water
the commander said to take the prisoner away
he said to me not to go there
mum told me to clear my room
they said not to run in the corridor
the teacher said to the students to do all the homework in time
the instructor says not to turn on this road