Плиз помогите перевести...Текст начинается после звёздочек,и до слов:in the public.

А что за учебник?
8 класс Алла Несвит

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Вставь в переводчик )Оригинал:
When I studied at university, I wanted to become a writer and write novels, or poems. And I also wanted to be a sportsman, but later on I gave up this idea since not a single time did I manage to win in a running competition...”.
She is telling about her “childish” dreams and wishes so and so playfully at the same time, that you want to believe her... and you can’t believe that she is a star, famous far beyond the territory of her native Canada, a singer, an author of songs, a brilliant instrumentalist, a sound recording producer and an actress! She is a Canadian , as masters of show-business used to call her about ten years ago when a twenty-year-old Nelly Kim Furtado first appeared on stage in a serious show. She was charming, and she looked so confident -that she herself did not believe that she was standing in front of big audience. She did not believe in that even when she was performing an encore of “7 Shall Be Released” by Bob Dilan together with Chrissie Heind, Sarah Mac Lachlan and Bet Orton.
“That was like a dream, and me: is it really me, am I on stage with such high-class professionals? Right, - I answered to myself, and I was trying to pinch myself, for others not to see: as if I was going to wake up then - and everything was going to disappear..."
No, that was not a dream. A twenty-year-old beautiful girl, half-Indian, half-Portuguese, who had grown up in a small town of Victoria in an ordinary family of Portuguese emigrants, was confidently heading for fame. She • J to go along this road in
an easy way - that was the conclusion of her first school teachers: the girl was extremely |> for music, artistic, she started writing poems back in her childhood, at nine she herself learned to play the guitar, trombone and 1< and she was always eager to perform
I in the public