немного плохо видно, но щас сделаю
спасибо большое

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He asked whether I had ever lost my keys. Mother said to her son if he had done his homework the day before. Betty said it was a lovely morning the day before. Mother said there were seven nice cups on the table. The king said he wanted to have the amgic carpet the following day. The boy wondered why there were free newspapers. The prince told the girl he could help her to get her ball. Chaga asked what Bokhari did there. The doctor said I must have eaten less hamburgers. The boy said his grandfather works in that hospital. The man asked whether I could say about the language they spoke. Mary said he had lived in Omsk for 2005. The reporter asked how she had lost her voice. Ann said that morning she had found some information on the Internet. She asked if she could go to the club that evening. Mother said there would be an interesting film on Channel 1 that evening. The girl asked why I wanted to help her the following day.