Передайте следующие предложения в косвенной речи.

1. «Why did our team lose the game?» said Vera. «It has always been very strong.» 2. «Where have you put my book, Mary?» said Tom. «I cannot find it.» 3. «I am very happy,» said Fred. «I have bought a very good bicycle.» 4. «Whom are you waiting for, boys?» asked the man. 5. «I shall not go to the party tomorrow because I don't feel well,» said Mary. 6. «We saw a lot of places of interest when we were travelling around Europe last summer,» said Walter. 7. «I suppose we shall go to the theatre tomorrow,» said Jane. 8. «Please don't take the books from my table,» said Lena to me. «I have specially prepared them for working at my report.» 9. «Don't be afraid, Nick,» said his grandfather. «This dog is very clever and it won't do you any harm.» 10. «I shall gladly go to the cinema with you because I haven't seen this film and I want to see it very much,» said my aunt. 11. «Which of you can answer my question?» the teacher asked the pupils. 12. «Do you think that simple food is better for children than rich food?» she asked


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1. Vera asked why their team had lost the game - it had always been very strong.

2. Tom asked Mary where she had put his book - he could not find it.

3. Fred said that he was very happy, because he had bought a very good bicycle.

4. Man asked the boys whom they were waiting for.

5. Mary said that she should not go to the party the next day because she didn't feel well.

6. Walter said that they had seen a lot of places of interest when they had been travelling around Europe last summer.

7. Jane supposed that they would go to the theatre the next day.

8. Lena asked me not to take the books from her table, and added, that she had specially prepared them for working at her report.

9. Nick's grandfather said to him not to be afraid of dog, adding, that it was very clever and that it would not do him any harm.

10. My aunt told me that she would gladly go to the cinema with me because she hadn't seen that film and she wanted to see it very much.

11. The teacher asked the pupils which of them could answer his question.

12. She asked, if I thought that simple food was better for children than rich food.