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1)Her stomach hurts, because she ate something that wasn't fresh.
2)The doctor said that she must not eat fish, sausage, meat, drink coffee, milk or tea. She may eat vegetables and fruit and drink water.
3)She doesn't like vegetables and fruit. She likes to eat sausage, hot dogs and ice cream.
4) She likes to drink tea, coffee and milk. But she can't drink water 3 times a day.
1) Have you ever broken you hand? 
2) Have you ever read any medical books? 
3) Have you lived in this town all your life?
4) How many times have you consulted a doctor this year? 
5) Have you ever visited a hospital? 
2) 1. Stomach hurts. Probably ate something that wasn't fresh
2. Doctor said that for now, I must not eat meat, fish, sausage, drink milk, tea or coffee
3. Don't like vegetables and fruit. I like sausage, hot dogs and ice-cream