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Man has always sought at all times to freedom. Only an understanding of freedom is all different .I think that freedom - is , first and foremost , freedom from prejudice. Prejudices limit a person's ability , as in most cases based on false knowledge and findings.- Freedom is the freedom to choose . Person must choose where his study and work, where to live .- Freedom is reasonable laws and reasonable obedience to . Laws should be based on respect for the individual . Fair laws provide human freedom.- Freedom is the freedom of speech, of thought. People should have the right to think and say what he thinks. Any opinions , even erroneous , deserves respect. There are no bad views , bad tastes. There are different .- Freedom is the opportunity to make your own decisions and take responsibility for them . Prohibition of anything we teenagers perceive as a restriction of freedom .Today I have the right to choose a place of learning , a favorite pastime , and friends. I can choose which book to read, what music to listen to . I am not free from the opinions of others . And if I somehow do not agree with the majority that does not mean that I challenge . I want to establish themselves as a person.I understand that inner freedom is more important than physical.Easy for you to imagine a world in which there is no crime ? Probably not , especially if you have to read and listen to every day , and see all sorts of crimes - theft , assault and robbery, murder , fraud . Experts say the new , if I may say , the qualitative level of crime.
The crimes were committed in the world ever, but has not been a time when crime is so cleverly concealed under the guise of legality would and so skillfully avoided legitimate punishment , as it is today .
When the moral level of the people falls so that respect for the law is lost , one might think that in the thinking of society is not all right . How can we explain such disrespect for the laws , and where people have learned about this ?
Education begins in the family , it is - the first school of the child. If you teach your children that the law of God - His commandments - should be observed that the law forbids to steal , kill, cheat, whore , abuse seniors - that young people coming into life , will have moral support , sufficient for understanding civil laws and their implementation . Conversely, if you teach the younger generation that God's law is not needed, or that he was canceled , and it can be violated with impunity , the youth will lose all respect , not only to the law of God , but also to all the laws in general . One follows from the other. How can you , without regard to the law of God , at the same time to demand respect for the law , created by humans ?
It is known that children need a role model. But who will be their ethical, moral and spiritual ideal? Parents often quarrel , fight and deceive each other. And the kids see it all. Drinking, fighting and divorce leave deep wounds in their hearts. Who will teach the children right from wrong , if the parents can not or do not want to do this? Naive to believe that it is able to do school . Today we are faced with the question: who determines what is good and what is bad? After all, sometimes even good people can judge biased.