Крабовый салат..Сойдёт¿
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Всё))Выбирай любое из всех =)

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My favorite food is fried chicken with potatoes.
Take the chicken,cut into serving pieces,fry them in a pan , you allow, poperchit,add garlic. Peel the potatoes, cut into strips and fry in hot oil until Golden and crisp. Bon appetit!
If You know what not to eat at all times salad, it is better not to add a cucumber all at once, and to defer a portion and add.
Add chopped eggs.
большое спасибо
Add salt, pepper and add mayonnaise. As an alternative to mayonnaise, you can dress the salad with sour cream+mustard+sugar (a little). You will have a new interesting taste.
Mix - salad ready! In the presence of cooked rice and eggs is done in a matter of minutes.
Bon appetit!!!
Разделила на три части,потому что очень много сразу не допускают. Удачи!
My favorite dish is the crab salad.
  crab sticks,
boiled chicken eggs,
  green onion,
Cut the crab sticks, boiled eggs cleaned from the shell, cut cucumber, minced dill, finely chopped green onions .. All of this mix and add mayonnaise and salt .. Salad ready))