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I have got a friend. His name is Steve. He is 11. He is from Great Britain. He is my best friend.

I want to tell you how Steve usually spends his mornings.

He usually gets up at 7 o'clock. Then he does morning exersices in front of the open window, takes a shower, cleans his teeth, washes face and hand. After that he goes to the kitchen and prerares some sandwiches for him and his little brother. They have a cup of tea with milk and sandwiches and go to their bedroom. There they dress, prepare things for school. They take their school-bags, say "Good - bye" to mother, father and Granny and go to shool together.

This is the morning of my friend. And it is not much differ from my day.


1. My friend gets  up at 7 o*clock every day on week days.

2.  But  on week ends he gets up  later.

3. He washes  his hands and face, cleans his teeth. takes a shower then he has his breakfast

4. Usually he has a sandwitch and a cup of coffee

5. AT half past seven he put on his clothes , takes his school bag and goes to school

6. He goes there on foot because his school is not far from his  house

7. It takes him 10 minutes to get there

8. His lessons begin at 8 o*clock