Write out of the text by the light of the moon words and word
write out of the text by the light of the moon words and word combinations that can describe or characterize the moon.

Today most of us are pretty used to the moon, There it is in the sky — crescent (растущая) or half or full... Years ago people lived by the changing phases of moon. They kept calendars and holidays by the moon. . They planted seed in the spring's new moon and harvested in the autumn's full moon. And fisherman all over the world told the morrow's (завтрашний) weather by the moon. For many people the moon long remained a mysterious heavenly body that could bring good fortune or ill. It could bring good luck if it was a new moon and you had silver coins in your pocket to jingle (звон). A new moon was also the time to make a wish, take a trip, go a-courting, or cut your hair. But the moon could bring bad luck, too. If you saw a woman combing her hair in the light of the full moon, or you planted seed during the full moon, you would have bad luck. Almost everyone believed if you slept with moonlight on your face, you'd go crazy. Indeed any people believe this that we get the word lunatic from the word for moon, luna. Today, of course, we know that none to these things is true. You can asleep in the moonlight and wake up as normal as you were yesterday. You might harvest your crops in the full moon with poor results or harvest in a sickle moon and do well. You might start your vacation on during the new moon and have a flat tire right away. Nevertheless, there it is... the moon, hanging up there in the sky, seeming to change its shape before our very eyes. No wonder people continue to be fascinated by it. Since the beginning of time, they have tried to explain how it got there and why it behaves the way it does. The first people to try to explain the creation and behaviour of the moon were tribal poets and storytellers. There are hundreds of folktales about the moon.


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A mysterious heavenly body that could bring good fortune or ill
new moon
crescent (растущая) or half or full
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