Ответы и объяснения

Past simple:
1)We played football.
2)I had breakfast an hour ago.
3)He didn’t believe her.
4)They spoke quikly.
5)Did you learn poem?
Past continuos:
1)I was sleeping when someone knocked at the door.
2)In the morning our elevator wasn’t working.
3)I came home when they were playing computer games.
4)It was snowing all night.
5)He was jumping  on his bed.
Рast simple: 5) did you learn THE poem; as we speak about certain poem he she/he had to learn. Рast coninuoUs: 4) it had been snowing all night, так как действие завершилось при наступлении утра. Правда, это будет уже не past cont-s. Подкорректируйте немного и получатся неплохие предложения