ПОСТАВЬТЕ ГЛАГОЛЫ В НУЖНОЙ ФОРМЕ (Present Simple or Present Continuous)
1Sam usually (do) his homework in the evening, but now he (watch) TV
2 Tom (not drive) to work. He always (take) the train.
3 We (go) climbing tomorrow. ………(you want) to join us?
4 ……..(she live ) in New York? Yes but at the moment she (stay) with a friend in London.
5 Peter and Andrew (be) journalists. This Monday they (fly) to Brazil.
6 Ann sometimes (play) tennis after work. But today she (go)to the club
7 ………(you meet) your friends later? – Yes, fancy joining us?

1 What (you do)?- I (write) a letter to my friend Laura.
2 Where is Steve?- He (wash the car)
3 David (work) very hard this days.- Yes, I (think) he needs a holiday.
4 What he (usually have) for lunch?- He never (eat) lunch.
5……(Tom play any sport?- No, he (not like sport very much.
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1) does, is watching
2) does not drive, takes
3) are going, do you want
4) does she live, is staying
5) are, are flying
6) plays, is going
7) are you meeting

1) are you doing, am writing
2) is washing the car
3) works, think
4) what does he usually has, eats
5) does Tim play any sport, he does not like sport very much
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