Помогите умоляю составить текст о первом походе на концерт


Ответы и объяснения

Each of us has our own point of  view about rock music. 
Someone likes rock music. Someone prefer another genres of music.
I am a great lover of rock music.
The first concert in my life was a concert given by American nu-metal band Limp Bizkit. It’s difficult for me to point out the brightest moment of the show, because everything, that was happening on stage was great!  Live and powerful music, musicians’ communication with the audience, phrases in Russian.  We were all singing the songs together, taking photos, smiling each other. I
Also  I went to the concerts of other American bands, as Korn and 30 seconds to mars, and I liked it.
For me rock is not just an art form. It’s a hobby, philosophy, psychology, and, as Kurt Cobain said, «it’s simply a conversation of ordinary guys».

Есть пара ошибочек. Smiling TO each other, а не smiling each other, и bands SUCH as Korn. А вообще текст довольно хороший.