Ответы и объяснения

1)What is an island?- It is Great Britain.
2) Is United Kingdom situated on an island on a continent?- The UK is situated on the islands
3) What territory does Northern Ireland occupy?- It occupies the northen part
4) How many parts does Great Britain consist of?- Great Britain consists of 3 PARTS
5) What are their names?- They are: England. Wales and Scotland
6)Where are they situated?- They situated  in the north-west of Europe(Scotland-on the north of GB, Wales-southwest, England-southeast
7) What is Great Britain surrounded by?- Great Britain  is surrounded by seas
8) What can you say about the rivers in Great Britain?- they are not long, but many of them are deep
9) in the north of England and in Scotland
10)London is the capital of GB
12)because t
he UK is situated on the islands, is surrounded by seas,the rivers in Great Britain are not long, but many of them are deep......
13) посмотри по карте
14)Gulf Stream
15)climate is mild. The weather  is often foggy and rainy......

(можно и больше баллов)