Напишите мини сочинение по английскому языку 'что я сказала если я была землей (земля) срочно ооо дам 35 пунктоввв:-) :-) :-)


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Man and nature are closely related to each other. Nature creates all the conditions for human life, so it is important to live in harmony with it.Beautiful scenery of nature, fill the human soul delight, only this beauty is truly mesmerizing. Interest of man to nature is infinite, how many secrets and mysteries carry forest and sea. So much we do not know about nature.To enjoy the beauty of nature does not have to travel far enough to go to the park or forest. Especially beautiful nature in the autumn, when I want to sit on the bench and to absorb its beauty, enjoy it. That's when you feel like your heart is filled with new colors, as it is saturated with the beauty of the world. At these moments, you realize how closely connected people to nature