В каком времени употребляются: написать время глагола в предложении

30)Look! That man is trying to open the door of your car.

31) The earth is going round the sun.

32) An atheist doesn’t believe in god.

33) The sun rise in the east.

34) Vegetarians don’t eat meat.

35)An interprets translates from one language into another.

36) A liar is someone who doesn’t tell the truth.

37) Hurry up! Everybody is waiting for you.

38) Mozart has written more than 600 pieces of music.

39) Pete is on holiday. He went to Italy.

40) What did you see at the Zoo yesterday? – I saw a zebra.


Ответы и объяснения

30. present continuous
31. present continuous
32. present simple
33. present simple
34. present simple
35. present simple
36. present simple
37. present continuous
38. present perfect
39. present continuous, past simple
40. past simple 
Там есть еще в предложениях пару ошибок, но те, которые бросаются в глаза - это 33) rises(при ед.ч. добавляется окончание -) 35) interprete(один человек)