9 Don't worry, Mr Symes, this problem has already
been dealt ... .
a) with
b) about
c) on
d) for

10 I'm sure, he will achieve his goal. He is really hard working and... .
a) easy-going
b) obstinate
c) rebellious
d) ambitious

11 I can't afford a car, so I guess I'll just have to do ... .
a) out
b) with
c) without
d) on

12 I am not quite ... with my new responsibilities.
a) glad
b) content
c) proud
d) interested

13 I hate playing tennis with Steve, He is too ....
a) competent
b) competing
c ) competition
d) competitive

14 ... experience can help you not to feel lonely,
a) sharing
b) having
c) giving
d) taking

15 She is a ... mother - she is looking after her children on her own.
а) allone
b) alone
c) lonely
d) lonesome


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